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Automotive “Chipkeys”

Did you know that most, if not all, new vehicles now use what is called a transponder or “Chip” key?  These special keys actually communicate with your vehicle and and allow it to start.  If you were to use a key that was cut correctly but didn’t have the chip inside — your car will not start or it will shut off within a few seconds.

As can be the case, dealers are charging quite a bit for the keys themselves and the labor to program them.  I’ve heard upwards of $300 per key!

We have the technology at both of our locations to cut and program most “Chipkeys” for only $69.99 while you shop!  It takes only a matter of minutes.

Stop by today and test your key for free to determine if it’s a Chipkey — as an extra incentive check out our Coupons page for a coupon on your next Chipkey.


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