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1604 E. Seltice Way
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Coeur d'Alene
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1217 N. 4th Street
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14236 N. Highway 41
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It’s Hobo Spider Season!

It’s that time of the year where spiders can become more of a nuisance inside your home – however, there are solutions to help reduce or eliminate spider infestation.  As reported in local news reports, due to our mild winter and other favorable conditions we’re expected to have an increase in Hobo Spiders.

Your first line of defense can be a perimeter spray or granule around the foundation of your home.  Both Ortho® and Bayer® produce their own line of extremely effective and safe products.

To get the guys that are already in your home, Victor’s Hobo Spider trap works amazingly well at capturing Hobo Spiders.  They’re poison free, pre-baited, and easy to dispose of.

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